Identifying the competency areas to include is the first stage in future-proofing the landscape profession

The Hive at Kew Gardens. Image: Nick Caville / BDP
The Landscape Institute (LI) has asked for expert feedback to help develop a competency-based framework for landscape professionals.

As the professional body for the landscape sector, the LI must continually reflect the changing needs of landscape practitioners, helping them remain trusted, relevant and successful, today and in the future.

The first part of this is identifying the relevant competency areas to include in the framework. We urge all members to give us their views on the proposed competency areas, and to share this consultation with their colleagues and professional networks in landscape-related fields to encourage them to do the same.

How to get involved

The LI is consulting with members and other landscape professionals on the structure and content of the framework. The first stage of the consultation seeks to identify the relevant competency areas to include. To get involved:

  1. Carefully read all the background information and appendix (competency areas) in the Competency Framework consultation document.
  2. Complete the consultation questionnaire by midnight on Monday 25 March 2019.

An update on the competency framework

Dan Cook and Michelle Bolger CMLI, Chair of the LI’s Education and Membership Committee, discussed the competency framework with members at the NPPF CPD day in Oxford this February.


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