Members rate news and reviews and website improvements, and are embracing Twitter

Communications survey yields positive results

Results are now available for the Landscape Institute’s annual communications survey, carried out between March and May this year. Results were generally positive with Landscape, the journal, praised for its design and read more widely than previously.

The results are drawn from 456 completed surveys, representing a response rate of 9%.

The main findings are as follows:
* The fortnightly News and Reviews email continues to be rated as highly relevant and of practical use.
* The main website is seen as an increasingly useful source of information and a greater proportion are happy with the design. Visits to the site have increased, but navigation continues to present problems. Awareness of the LI’s other websites is low.
* Talking Landscape remains under-used, although registered members are visiting more often.
* The LI Twitter feed is rated as much more relevant than last year; slightly more members are using Twitter in their working lives.
* Members are reading more of the journal. It was rated less highly as relevant this year, but satisfaction with the design has increased.
* Awareness of policy position statements has increased greatly.

In terms of Landscape, the journal, more members are reading more of it than last year. 36% read more than three-quarters of each issue, a substantial increase from 25% in 2013. Correspondingly fewer members read a little of each issue, with 26% reading a quarter or less, down from 34%.

The journal is felt to be relevant to the working lives of 78% of respondents, down from 83%. There was no change in how the journal was rated for practical use and intellectual stimulation (63% and 76% respectively), although the proportion agreeing strongly that ‘Landscape regularly has content that I find intellectually stimulating’ was up from 23% to 27%. The journal’s design was rated positively by 81%, up from 77%, with a third agreeing strongly with the statement ‘I like the design of  Landscape

You can read the full survey here.

There was a prize of £100 in book tokens, given to a respondent drawn at random. The winner is Nisha Gandhi.


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