Usage and ratings go up

Communications survey shows positive results
Communications survey shows positive results

The results are in for this year’s communications survey, in which all members have an opportunity to take part. Of the 5624 members of the LI, 374 returned surveys, a sample of 6.65% which is large enough to be statistically significant.
The main findings were:

The LI Update email continues to be very highly rated in terms of relevance, practical use and design. Almost a third (32%) of respondents read most of the stories (ie more than half); 60% read less than half and 4% do not read any of it – a slight increase from last year (3%).

The website is viewed as a good information source by 87% of respondents, up from 84% in 2014 and 81% in 2013. Over three quarters of respondents find locating information on the site easy (77%, up from 73% in 2014 and 72% in 2013).

51% of respondents are registered on Talking Landscape, up from 45% last year. Talking Landscape now has 2,633 members, up 7% from the time of last year’s survey. Talking Landscape has shown an improvement in terms of awareness, number of visits and interaction.

The LI twitter feed is used by an increasing number of members, with a much higher proportion finding it a useful source of information compared to last year.

Landscape continues to be highly rated for relevance, interest and practical use. Some 35% of respondents read more than three-quarters of each issue of the journal, the same proportion as last year but a substantial increase from 25% in  2013; 28% read a quarter or less, a slight increase from 26% last year; and 32% read about half of each issue. The journal’s design is rated increasingly positively (83%), with over a third (38%) agreeing strongly with the statement ‘I like the design of Landscape’.

Respondents were also asked to offer suggestions on how communications could be improved. The LI is considering all these responses and will take them into account as it continues to develop its communication strategy.

See a full copy of the survey report here.


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