Colvin & Moggridge promotes itself on film

Colvin & Moggridge film
Colvin & Moggridge film celebrates 20 years with Royal Parks

Most practices promote and document their work in brochures and on websites and, when they have something special to celebrate, many choose to publish a book.

But Colvin & Moggridge has taken a different approach. To celebrate and discuss its long-standing relationship with the Royal Parks, the practice has worked with film-maker Will Woodward to produce ’20 Years in the Royal Parks’.

The premise is simple but effective. Senior members of the practice (and in one case an architect with whom they have collaborated), walk through the park landscapes discussing what has been done and how it has developed over time.

It is pleasing to see gardens which, designed deliberately to avoid fashion fads, were little regarded on their completion but now seem virtually timeless. But the real fascination lies elsewhere. The practice transformed Horsegurads Parade, largely by banishing cars and resurfacing. The really bold move was to restore the view from St James’s Park by cutting down two mature trees that were in the way.

At the memorial to the victims of 7/7 the practice worked with architect Carmody Groarke on a landscape solution that is so minimal as to seem virtually invisible, yet which created a sense of enclosure without isolation.

The film is not perfect. In particular, until the credits at the end you do not actually know who is speaking on the screen. But it is a valuable endeavour which clearly involved a great deal of work to produce a fascinating 15 minutes.


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