Climate change guide for localism released

Climate change guide for localism released

Thanks to the government’s shift to localism, progress for international climate change has become a community level responsibility. Friends of the Earth and the Town and Country Planning Association have launched a planning and climate change guide – aimed at local authorities.

The guide, written by leading planners, local authorities, private developers and environmental organisations, is designed primarily for local authorities and the forthcoming Local Enterprise Partnerships who want to both tackle climate change and reap the benefits that renewable energy and effective adaptation can bring

Speaking on behalf of the coalition, Dr Hugh Ellis said: “While the planning system is still in a state of flux, this cannot be allowed to delay action on climate change.” Despite climate change being such an international issue, a huge 80% of UK carbon emissions occur through locally based activities. Flooding, as one example of the impact of climate change, can cause problems that require local solutions. Dr Ellis points out: “Local communities are at the cutting edge of this challenge because they have responsibility for a whole range of decisions that are vital to our collective future.”

Friends of the Earth’s Senior Campaigner, Dr Anna Watson said: “The Planning and Climate Change Coalition has stepped up to the challenge of the Big Society by voluntarily producing this guide. It will be a vital tool for any local authority and community that wants to tackle climate change and bring about a low carbon future.”

The Planning and Climate Change Guide: guidance and model policies for local authorities, has been launched in the House of Commons and is available for download from the TCPA website here


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