Jonathan Smales calls for new thinking as Beyond Green launches Remarkable Cities masterclass

Jonathan Smales
City planners need to skip a generation

Jonathan Smales, founder of Beyond Green and former chief executive of the Earth Centre, told an audience of potential attendees at his organisation’s Remarkable Cities masterclass that ‘we are proposing a jump of a generation’ in the management of cities.

‘My generation has had its chance and has failed miserably,’ he added. Now we need to find the rising stars.’

He was speaking at the launch of the organisation’s Remarkable Cities masterclass which will take place at Pembroke College, Cambridge on 28-30 August. It is the start of an education programme that Smales hopes will help identify and develop people who can tackle the problems facing the world’s cities.

Beyond Green set up the Remarkable Cities program in response to the rapid growth in city populations, equivalent to building a city the size of Greater London every month for the next 40 years. The organisation says, ‘And when we consider this alongside some of the major challenges facing humanity – dangerous climate change, increasingly resource-hungry lifestyles, growing wealth inequality and ageing populations – there’s never been greater urgency to think hard about the way we plan, design and lead our cities. ‘

It describes the masterclass as ‘a three-day intensive learning experience for emerging leaders
in government, business, city management and the built environment professions. It will provide an insight into leading edge thinking on the big issues facing us as we try to create the remarkable cities of the 21st Century.’

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