Showing financial benefits should aid adoption

CIRIA to launch tool to show economic benefits of green drainage

CIRIA (the Construction Industry Research and Information Association) is working on a tool that will demonstrate the financial benefits of adopting green drainage.

Speaking during questions at the LI's recent Jellicoe lecture, where attendees saw the American film Water Blues Green Solutions, Paul Shaffer, associate responsible for water management at the organisation, said, 'We hope to have a tool by spring 2015 to show the benefits of green drainage.' 

The project aims to 'support SuDS delivery, particularly retrofitting by developing and collating an evidence base, case studies, guidance and agreed methodology to better understand costs and value the broad range of benefits providing a more compelling business case.' The project is being led by retrofitting specialist MWH, and both the University of Sheffield and engineer Halcrow are working on it. 


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