SuDS manual includes amenity and biodiversity

CIRIA launches new guidance on SuDS
Rathbone Market by Churchman Landscape Architects. Image © Tim Crocker

Construction research body CIRIA has launched what it claims is the most comprehensive SuDS guidance availabel in the UK today.The SuDS manual (C697), first published by CIRIA in 2007, is designed to be a one-stop-shop for delivering SuDS, and it is this guidance that has been significantly revised. The updated SuDS Manual (now C753) incorporates the latest research, industry practice and guidance. In delivering SuDS there is a requirement to meet the framework set out by the Government’s ‘non statutory technical standards’ and the revised SuDS Manual complements these but goes further to support the cost effective delivery of multiple benefits.

The updated SuDS Manual is collaboratively funded and is free to download from the CIRIA website . New chapters in the SuDS Manual include: Designing for amenity, Designing for biodiversity, Designing for specific site conditions, Designing for roads and highways, Designing for urban areas, Trees, Materials and, Health and Safety.

Paul Shaffer, associate at CIRIA, said, ‘The SuDS Manual reflects CIRIA’s stance that well designed SuDS deliver multiple benefits, as well as manage local flood risk. The Manual is the cornerstone of CIRIA’s work on SuDS that includes the BeST project (Benefits of SuDS Tool), susdrain, CIRIA’s SuDS training and extensive catalogue of SuDS related guidance. CIRIA is also developing future work to improve SuDS construction, planning and assessment providing the industry with the competence and confidence to embrace SuDS fully.’


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