The organisation is also seeking funding for guidance on WSUD

CIRIA launches infographic on SuDS

CIRIA, the construction industry research body, has launched an infographic on SuDS which sets out key objectives and outlines the sustainable drainage approach. 

Called 'Going with the flow', it gives a simple overview of the drivers and benefits of SuDS such as improvements to local flood risk management, water quality, landscape amenity, and biodiversity. 

The organisation is also looking for industry partners to support the production of guidance on WSUD (water sensitive urban design). 

It says: 'This project will provide guidance that supports the delivery of WSUD to effectively enable development. The objectives of the project include:
• Develop the recommendations of the scoping study on creating water sensitive places carried out by CIRIA in 2013.
• Engage with a wide range of disciplines, organisations and individuals with an interest in WSUD and delivering high quality development.
• Showcase the principles of WSUD through application to potential regeneration and development areas (at different scales).
• Support urban designers and planners in the development and promotion of local policies that facilitate WSUD and development.
• Demonstrate how WSUD can support water infrastructure, enable development and deliver benefits for local planning authorities, water utilities and developers.
• Identify strong social and community benefits associated with effective water cycle management, highlighting how water can play a significant role in well-being and bringing people together.'

You can download the full proposal here.


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