Scoping study will use case studies and existing guidance to establish critical success factors

Illustration showing green infrastructure in M40 Valdebebas Calle Alberto de Palacio
Illustration showing green infrastructure in M40 Valdebebas Calle Alberto de Palacio. Copyright: Arup

CIRIA and Phase One project authors Arup are scoping case studies and literature for new guidance on delivering green infrastructure (GI) along linear assets.

The study will focus on the following key linear asset networks:

  • highways, footways, cycleways
  • railways including trams, light railways
  • energy, e.g. overhead power transmission lines and below ground infrastructure
  • waterways, e.g. canals and rivers, flood embankments, heavily modified water courses

The scoping study will use case studies and existing guidance to establish critical success factors in achieving successful GI integration. The overall aim of the CIRIA guidance will be to determine how industry can effectively and sustainably improve the quantity and quality of GI along linear assets, either as part of new-build infrastructure, as retrofit on existing development, or through a change in maintenance activity.

CIRIA invites LI members to provide them with very brief information on case studies of relevant projects that provide a strong example of GI along linear assets. This is a good opportunity for members to assist in developing significant industry guidance to support
strategic green infrastructure networks. CIRIA will fully acknowledge all submitted case studies if used in the study.

At present, only headline information is required; i.e. the name, location and headline information about the project. CIRIA has provided a pro forma spreadsheet for respondents.

Download the case study headline pro forma. (XLS, 13.1 KB)

The deadline for case study headlines is Monday 15 May. Pro formas should be returned to The project team will then make contact with respondents over the coming weeks to obtain more detail.

CIRIA will focus on UK case studies, but supplement the study with European and global examples. They will select case studies that best meet the following outline criteria:

  • GI at strategic scale
  • retrofit GI along existing networks
  • change of maintenance of existing infrastructure
  • development of new linear infrastructure that incorporates GI
  • GI that provides a range of quantifiable functions
  • infrastructure that utilises a range of GI interventions


    • Dear Abanda,

      CIRIA will focus on the UK but will supplement the study with global examples, so if you have worked on linear infrastructure projects in Cameroon that meet the criteria, I expect they would be happy to hear from you. My advice would be to contact CIRIA using the details given in the article above.

      Best wishes,


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