Natural enhancements for retrofit and new-build projects

CIRIA event addresses nature in hard infrastructure

CIRIA is hosting an event in London on 12 May to examine a range of enhancements for retrofit and new-build hard infrastructure in coastal, river and terrestrial settings, designed to promote habitat creation and biodiversity.

Considerable examples already exist on the potential to achieve biodiversity benefits through the use of green roofs and living walls, says the research organisation, ‘while similarly replicable techniques for enhancing or replacing hard engineered assets also present themselves in urban and rural settings but have not warranted large scale investment thus far’.

The event will introduce a number of biodiversity enhancements and show how, by working with nature: hard infrastructure assets can be part of an integrated green infrastructure scheme; they can have improved multi-functionality and service life; and, they can enable asset owners, developers and designers to deliver multi-policy benefit.

It will also introduce a range of ‘working-with-nature’ enhancement tools and share existing best practice from global case studies.

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