The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is asking everyone within the built environment how they would most like to see the industry change

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) is exploring working practices and inclusive environments in the built environment sector for its ‘Roadmap for Change’ – a new initiative that aims to make the construction industry the industry of choice in the next 30 years.

The CIC is asking everyone within the built environment sector to complete a short survey to outline how they would most like to see the industry change within the next 30 years.

Access the survey here.

CIC initiated the Roadmap for Change campaign last November as part of their 30th anniversary celebrations. Their hope is that everyone in the industry – from students to retirees – will complete the survey and help build on future aspirations.

‘At a tipping point’

‘As an industry, we are at a tipping point,’ said Maria Coulter, CIC Board Member and Chair of the CIC’s Diversity and Inclusion Panel. ‘The demand for talent is great, the current pool is narrow and the need for a cultural change is big.

’30 years may feel like a long time, but 30 years ago I started my career in construction. It has changed a lot in some ways, but in others we are still trying to solve issues that were highlighted when I was at university.’

Maria’s comments echo the LI’s own concerns following research that highlighted severe skills shortages in the landscape sector.

‘I’m really excited about this campaign’, Maria continued. ‘It’s a great opportunity to find out from the people on the ground what their experiences are and what challenges we need to solve to make it an industry of choice in the next 30 years. We also want to hear about what is working in organisations to attract the next generation and prevent the good people we do have from leaving.’


In addition to the survey, CIC is running a social media campaign. #CICat30 encourages everyone to celebrate what is great about the industry and gather suggestions about how it could be improved in the future.

They are asking for video clips of up to 30 seconds that answer the following two questions:

  1. What do you love about construction and the built environment?
  2. What is the biggest challenge the industry needs to address to make it the industry of choice in the next 30 years?

Videos can be shared using the hashtag #CICat30.


  1. Having filled in the questionnaire, I would like to add that the industry should be lobbying the government to give more support to self-employed sole-traders and the companies they work for to maintain their self-employed status. As well as enabling a flexible work force, it should recognise the role the industry has in enabling the skilled and talented, but not necessarily academic, individuals autonomy, flexibility, pride and control that they might not otherwise be able to achieve in their working life.


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