Pledge celebrated with 50% off national parks photobooks

Pumalín Park, one of Chile's two newly designated national parks. Photo: Enidan7

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet has pledged to expand the country’s protected national parkland by 11 million acres.

Two parks will be newly designated national parks – Pumalín Park and Patagonia Park – and three existing national parks will be expanded. These will form part of a ‘route of parks’, 17 parks running 1,500 miles from Puerto Montt to Cape Horn.

The agreement was co-signed by Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, leader of Tompkins Conservation, which was instrumental in bringing about the pledge. Kristine and her late husband Doug Tompkin have been active in protecting Chile’s natural environment over the past 25 years, through the creation and preservation of parks and extensive rewilding to restore natural ecosystems.

To celebrate the pledge, Goff Books is offering 50% off five photographic books highlighting the parklands of Chile and Argentina, co-produced by Doug. With colour photography by Antonio Vizcaíno, Juan Ramón Díaz Colodre and Doug Tompkins, the five books in the series show Corcovado National Park and Yendegaia National Park in Chile, Monte León National Park and Perito Moreno National Park in Argentina, and the Esteros del Iberá region in Argentina.

Find out more about Tompkins Conservation’s work in Chile.


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