Chief executive Alastair McCapra is leaving the Landscape Institute to take up the post of CEO at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations

Alastair McCapra
Alastair McCapra

McCapra commented:’After just over five years in post, I am pleased to be leaving the LI in such good shape.

‘Five years ago the LI had no discernible impact on public policy in most of the UK.  Governments came and went, and the LI’s views were not heard.  Now we are a respected and active partner in many collaborations, and our voice carries more weight than ever before.

‘The biggest achievement of the last five years, in my view, has been the adoption of “Elements and Areas of Practice”.  For twenty years the LI had been struggling with how to define itself, how to maintain a common core while allowing scope for specialisms, and how to incorporate disciplines like urban design. Trying to tackle these questions on a one-off basis had taken up a lot of time and energy and yielded nothing. I am very pleased that we now have a set of mechanisms which will allow us to develop the profession to keep pace with the environment it works in.

‘My wish for the future is that the LI now uses the Elements and Areas to integrate urban design and the other areas it has been talking about for so long, to build its influence and reach. I also want it to remain firmly focused on its external impact on governments and on the other professions with whom landscape architects work.  In any membership organisation there is always a strong pull to “just do what members want”.  To succeed, however, the LI needs to pay more attention to the needs and wants of non-members and society at large.

‘We are in good shape and ready for a new CEO to bring fresh energy and direction to the organisation.  I’d like to thank all the members who have been so supportive of me over the last five years, for their wisdom, generosity and patience.’

The advertisement for this post is posted on the LI website today.


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