The pass rate for Pathway to Chartership candidates was 78%

Outside Sheffield's rail station, part of the 'Gold Route' that won the 2007 LI President's Award

The latest Landscape Institute Pathway to Chartership exams took place on 7-8 November in London and 15-16 November in Manchester. We are delighted to report that 82 out of 101 candidates were successful, and welcome them as newly Chartered Members of the Landscape Institute (CMLIs).

This number includes three experienced practitioners who attained chartership through the new route. We are delighted that more experienced landscape professionals are joining the Institute, and we are working to support the entry into the profession of an increasingly broad range of practitioners.

Here is the full list of successful candidates, their employers, and their mentors. (* indicates an LI Registered Practice.) Some candidates have asked to remain anonymous.

  • Yasmin Alzadjally, Grant Associates* (mentor: Tamasine Scott)
  • Andrew Annett, AECOM* (mentor: Jack Wu)
  • Scott Badham, Planit-IE* (mentor: Antony Nelson)
  • Emma Baker, The Environmental Dimension Partnership* (mentor: Dai Lewis)
  • Cecilia Bonavia, Grant Associates* (mentor: Lucy Fair)
  • Mary Bowman, Gustafson Porter + Bowman*
  • Richard Brook, Draw-Ltd Landscape Architects* (mentor: Bill Blackledge)
  • Rachel Brown, Dan Pearson Studios (mentor: Mark Rogers)
  • Alexander Burton, LUC* (mentor: Paul Macrae)
  • Mounia Chaoul, BDP* (mentor: Henry Mead)
  • George Chatzikostis, Randall Thorp* (mentor: Ben Hendry)
  • Timothy Cousins, Capita* (mentor: Philip Reddie)
  • Jennifer Davidson, OBMI (mentor: Neil Sturgeon)
  • Elizabeth Davies, SWECO* (mentor: Phillip Black)
  • Kiera D’Costa, TPM Landscape* (mentor: Carl Taylor)
  • Elizabeth Dickie, Atkins* (mentor: Nicola Hamill)
  • Louise Dolan, Wynne-Williams Associates* (mentor: John Latham)
  • Ian Dudley, Lockhart Garratt
  • Maciej Dwojak, Marcus Barnett Landscape and Garden Design (mentor: Robert Holden)
  • Anna Dzieciolowska, Townshend Landscape Architects* (mentor: Rachel Arnold)
  • Matthew Ellins, Outerspace* (mentor: Claire Symons)
  • Tara Elliston, Hyland Edgar Driver* (mentor: Chloe Cole)
  • Paul Esrich, Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (mentor: Carly Tinkler)
  • Naomi Essam, Rummey Design* (mentor: Susan Lowenthal)
  • Lucy Foster, FPCR* (mentor: Katharine Schofield)
  • Chao Gao, HTA* (mentor: David Fearon)
  • André Gardner, Camlins Landscape Architects* (mentor: Andrew Nicholson)
  • Edward Green, Southern Green* (mentor: Ros Southern)
  • Ben Gurney, LUC* (mentor: Kate Anderson)
  • Lena Harries, FPCR* (mentor: Daniel Houghton)
  • Jeremy Hemingray, Levitt Bernstein* (mentor: Kate Digney)
  • Megan Hester, Andy Sturgeon Landscape and Garden Design* (mentor: David Ravenscroft)
  • Ed Higgins, Jacobs* (mentor: Leigh Crowhurst)
  • Anthony Hodgson, RSK Environment (mentor: Nicola Murphy)
  • Stuart Holmes, LDA Design* (mentor: Andrew Cottage)
  • Irina Hotkevica, Grant Associates* (mentor: Philip Jones)
  • Rosalind James, Peter Brett Associates* (mentor: David King)
  • Jacqueline Jobbins, CSA Environmental* (mentor: Clive Self)
  • Adrian James Jones, Waterman Aspen* (mentor: Paul Nicholson) (Adrian dedicates his achievement to his late godson Matthew Jay Hollinshead)
  • Sho Kasuya, BDP* (mentor: Chris Stanton)
  • Valya Kerisheva, Wilder Associates* (mentor: Peter Wilder)
  • Lucy Key, Arup* (mentor: Amy McAbendroth)
  • Katherine Kok, LDA Design* (mentor: Sally Prothero)
  • Andrew Laird, The Environmental Dimension Partnership* (mentor: James Watt)
  • Jeremy Lord, Farrer Huxley Associates* (mentor: Danielle Parker)
  • Shaun Lyons, Exterior Architecture* (mentor: Jonathan Miley)
  • Nora Marfai, Allen Pyke Associates* (mentor: James Hyde)
  • Tara McCaughey, HTA* (mentor: Natalia Roussou)
  • Kaori Miyahara, Gillespies* (mentor: Jean Graham)
  • Justyn Nathan, Arup* (mentor: Henry Jefferies)
  • Christina Odell, Christina Odell freelance (mentor: David Webster)
  • James O’Donnell, WSP* (mentor: Wendy Richards)
  • Shruthi Padmanabhan, Townshend Landscape Architects* (mentor: Andrea Dates)
  • Graham Palmer, Christopher Palmer Associates* (mentor: Christopher Palmer)
  • Anca Panait, AHR* (mentor: Martin Robinson)
  • Emma Parker, The Environment Partnership* (mentor: Alice Babb)
  • Daisy Parsons, Thomas Hoblyn Garden Design (mentor: Dawn Purves)
  • Anna Preddy, Nicholas Pearson Associates* (mentor: Tom Brickell)
  • Yue Rao, Grant Associates* (mentor: Chin Chen)
  • Rajeevan Ravari Veedu, Cracknell* (mentor: Simon Routledge)
  • Jon Reynolds, NEW Masterplanning (mentor: Giles Hopgood)
  • Tom Roseblade, AECOM* (mentor: Edward Hall)
  • Graeme Rosser, Wardell Armstrong*
  • Helene Saulue-Laborde, Gillespies* (mentor: Karolina Skonieczna)
  • Alexander Smith, Hyland Edgar Driver* (mentor: Carly Kershaw)
  • Anna-Sophia Stamm, The Environment Partnership* (mentor: Nicola Hancock)
  • Michaela Stevens, Turkington Martin Landscape Architects* (mentor: Tim Spain)
  • Mark Swithenbank, AMEC * (mentor: Jon Rowe)
  • Robin Sykes, Cracknell* (mentor: Robert Shakespeare)
  • Owen Terry, The Landscape Partnership* (mentor: Phill Wray)
  • Jacqueline van Bommel, Bournemouth Borough Council (mentor: Sarah Kelly)
  • Michael Vipond, Barton Willmore* (mentor: John Haxworth)
  • Thomas Wainstein, Cracknell* (mentor: Simon Routledge)
  • James Walker, Townshend Landscape Architects* (mentor: David Petch)
  • Jaideep Warya, The Landscape Partnership* (mentor: Mandy Renshaw)
  • Kayleigh Watkins, Bradley Murphy Design* (mentor: David Randall)
  • Robert Wells, Spacehub* (mentor: Giles Charlton)
  • Edward White, SLR Consulting* (mentor: Howard Stannard)
  • Christopher Wright, Arup* (mentor: Andrew Tempany)
  • Philip Wyatt, Macgregor Smith* (mentor: Justin Thomson)
  • Daniel Young, Hyland Edgar Driver* (mentor: Peter Armstrong)

‘An opportunity to reflect’

Chief Examiners Nick Harrison and Mayda Henderson have offered their feedback for the November exams. They wrote: ‘The Chartership exams give us an opportunity to reflect, and we encourage current licentiates to read the feedback to help them prepare for their future exams.’

Read the chief examiners’ feedback in the open members’ area.

Nick and Mayda expressed their gratitude to the experienced volunteers who assist candidates on their journey to Chartership. ‘We are hugely grateful for the amount of time and effort put in by mentors and supervisors to aid the progress of licentiates,’ they wrote.

The LI will hold a graduation ceremony at the Garden Museum in London on Thursday 25 January to celebrate all members who attained Chartership or Fellowship during 2017.


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