The architect and landscape theorist will speak on 24 May

Charles Waldheim to speak at Greenwich

Charles Waldheim is to give a public lecture at the University of Greenwich on Tuesday 24 May at 6.30.

Entitled 'Landscape as Urbanism' his lecture will propose a general theory for thinking the city through the medium of landscape. It rehearses recent claims for the landscape architect as the urbanist of our age and describes landscape as a medium of design from a variety of disciplinary formations and professional identities. 

Charles Waldheim is a North American architect and urbanist. His research examines the relations between landscape, ecology, and contemporary urbanism, and he coined the term ‘landscape urbanism’ to describe the emergent discourse and practices of landscape in relation to design culture and contemporary urbanization. 

The lecture is free and open to the public on a first-come first served basis. Learn more here.


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