Learning through Landscapes fights to reduce the loss of outside learning and play space.

Charity calls for best examples of outdoor school space

With the help of its patron and supporter Sir David Attenborough, the charity Learning through Landscapes (LTL) is looking to help schools find innovative solutions to providing necessary increases in classroom space with minimal loss of outside space.

Throughout July and August it is asking design professionals to submit designs which they think best demonstrate: how to increase a building's capacity with minimal impact on its footprint; the creation of new outside spaces; the maximisation of useable space outside, particularly in regard to previous ‘dead space’; and the provision of ‘the most amount of flexibility outdoors’.
Designs can include changes to either  buildings or the landscape, says LTL. ‘All designs we think support schools in making a more informed decision will be added to our new guidance pages on this site and will also feature at the launch event of our campaign film featuring Sir David Attenborough.’ 
The 'Basic Need for School Places' challenge is one that is affecting a large number of schools across England, says LTL. For those schools that already have restricted space, the practicalities of taking on more pupils becomes an even harder and more complex one.
‘At LTL we are particularly concerned that many schools will feel that the only option they have is to place additional permanent or temporary classroom buildings on to their school playgrounds or playing fields. This solution, while alleviating the capacity issue, means that many children are left with little or no space in which to learn and play outdoors.’
Send your chosen design, pictures and brief description in PDF format to enquiries@ltl.org.uk with the subject header 'Basic Need design solution'.


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