Candidates urged to spend less time on their Pathway records

Candidates urged to spend less time on their Pathway records

In their feedback, which can be read in full here, the examiners’ highlight that many candidates are spending hours entering unnecessary details that are not needed by the people assessing their submissions.

“It is something we have commented on before and that some candidates have clearly taken to heart,” said Greenwood. “The best candidates are those who reflect on what they have learnt rather than simply stating what they have done, and those are the candidates who are generally most successful at the examination.”

The LI’s Pathway Team have highlighted the issue to candidates and mentors through newsletters and in a webinar still available to download online. However, many of those involved on the Pathway are still writing thousands of words where a hundred would be preferable.

Henderson thinks a lack of confidence could be behind this approach. “It seems possible candidates are worried that if they do not include every detail or write in full sentences that they will be marked down or something will escape the examiner’s notice. Ironically, the salient facts often get buried beneath a candidate’s unnecessary explanations.”

The Pathway Team already have further training planned for later this year, which will highlight this issue. Anyone wishing to revise the current guidance on what to include in the Development Pack should read the Pathway Guidebook or make use of the existing training resources for both candidates and mentors.

Passing the Pathway
A list of all those who passed the Pathway, along with the names of the mentors who helped them, can be found online here. The pass rate for May 2012 was 72 per cent.


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