BRE and UBM Built Environment have together launched a research programme on the impact the built environment has on wellbeing.

Call for research papers on wellbeing and the built environment

They have announced a competition for papers on current research and understanding in this field. The authors of the two best papers will present their findings at a seminar at Ecobuild 2014 in London, in March.

The two organisations state that ‘continuing improvement in building design, products and construction processes, along with post occupancy evaluation and user surveying is generating significant new data and knowledge from the growing active community of researchers and end-users across the supply-chain’. But this, they add, ‘is showing that both positive and negative impacts can result, so further research is needed’.
‘Building professionals’ are invited to submit papers detailing recent development projects and the positive and negative effects identified: for example, how high indoor CO2 levels may affect productivity, or how noise or pollution impact on communal outdoor space.
Submissions should cover building projects and research carried out within the last three years on commercial or domestic properties. Papers should not exceed 3000 words in total and must include a summary of: the background and context in which the research was carried out; the methodology adopted; technical work completed; key outcomes/results obtained and conclusions drawn from the project.
Previously published research papers are eligible for submission, but entrants must indicate the date and location of publication.
Entries should be sent to by 14 February 2014.
A panel of independent experts will select the best paper for a domestic and non-domestic building. Finalists will be informed by 21 February. Following Ecobuild 2014, all submitted papers will be published online via BRE’s forthcoming digital community platform.


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