An opportunity to have your ideas on display at the Garden Museum as part of a new exhibition in September called ‘From the Garden City to the Green City’

Eastern Curve Eco-garden in Dalston , London (Photo credit: J & L GIBBONS Landscape Architects/ Sarah Blee)
Eastern Curve Eco-garden in Dalston , London (Photo credit: J & L GIBBONS Landscape Architects/ Sarah Blee)

The exhibition will explore historic and futuristic visions for growing and green space in the city. It will showcase a selection of the many ideas, projects and designs from the past 150 years, beginning with Victorians who longed to introduce more green into congested city living, through the meadows that sprung to life in WWII bomb sites, to the latest international concepts (large and small) that suggest how ‘the green and the grey’ can be better in balance.

The Garden Museum is looking for unusual, imaginative or little-known case studies and designs to include in the exhibition.

Sketches, drawings, plans and more in the UK
If you have any interesting post-war material tucked away, which you would be happy to lend to the Garden Musuem for display, please describe it in 100 words or less in an email with the subject ‘Green City material’ . If an image would help illustrate this please only attach one small PDF or jpeg and the curator will get in touch to find out more).

Picturing the green city future
Wherever you are in the world, the Garden Musuem would like to know about your recent green city ideas. Please email one striking image that could be used for an exhibition and a brief explanation of your project or concept (100 words max), with the subject ‘Green city Futures’. Please provide image credits: successful projects may be used to promote the exhibition.

Maximum one submission each. All submissions should be sent to The deadline for submissions is 9am (GMT) on Monday 8 August.

The Museum’s curator, Dominique Heyse-Moore, will contact you to find out more about projects that she would like to feature in the exhibition.

From the Garden City to the Green City will run from 19 September 2011 to April 2012.

To accompany the exhibition, the Landscape Institute will be running a series of lectures at the Garden Museum from October to November. Details to be announced in August.

For more information about the Garden Musuem, visit the website or call 020 7401 8865

Photograph: Eastern Curve Eco-garden in Dalston, London (Photo credit:  J & L GIBBONS Landscape Architects/ Sarah Blee)



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