CABE makes the case for landscape architects

CABE makes the case for landscape architects

Simpler and better: housing design in everyone’s interest argues that the current mix of standards required by building regulations, planning policy and funders desperately needs rationalisation, as it is confused, overlapping and sometimes contradictory.

The report proposes replacing this with a single set of clear requirements by which developments are designed, judged and developed through the planning system, and specifically identifying those that should be delivered through the building regulations.

Although not going as far as calling for the mandatory use of architects and landscape architects, the report says: “Using good architects and landscape architects on a project invariably drives up standards”, adding that “developers should use good architects and landscape architects, and councils insist on their use”.

The report analyses why the market alone is unlikely to deliver good housing design consistently in Britain. This is a combination of the culture and economics of housing provision and the particular ways in which town planning works and the industry is structured and financed.

To download the report, click here.


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