CABE endorses Battersea Power Station design

CABE endorses Battersea Power Station design

CABE’s design review panel praised the design as “intelligent”, supporting both the masterplan and listed building applications for the project. The plans ensure that the iconic station, a Grade II listed building, retains its dominance in the redevelopment scheme. Plans reveal the building will be complemented by a new riverside park and the oval form of landscape and buildings.

The environmental strategy for the site was equally applauded, with the panel commenting that the developer Treasury Holding’s sustainability efforts were “ambitious and pragmatic”.

It recognised the complexity of converting the industrial shell of the power station and was impressed by what has been achieved within the constraints of the building, in particular the form and materials of the glass rooftop extensions.   

Diane Haigh, director of design review at CABE, said: “In many ways this has been a model process. The scheme was brought to us at a very early stage, and both the developer and the architect have been very open to the panel’s comments. We have reviewed it six times – which is unusual – but this iterative process has resulted in improvements at each stage and a very strong scheme which CABE is confident will be a success.”

CABE’s panel said areas of the design remain to be fleshed out but added that was “inevitable” for a development of this scale.


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