CABE and Design Council arrangements

CABE and Design Council arrangements

Responding to the recent announcement of the arrangements for the new body to take over the work of CABE and CABE Space, the Landscape Institute President, Jo Watkins commented: ‘We welcome
the progress that has been made in creating a new organisation by bringing together CABE and the Design Council.”

“CABE Space, with whom the LI has worked over the past seven years, has been in the forefront of designing and improving public space,” he continued.

“Its design review panels have significantly raised standards, its enabling service has offered excellent support and advice, particularly to local authorities and their communities, and its research into green space has become essential information for all of those seeking to improve the public realm.”

He also praised CABE for its support in encouraging more young people to become landscape architects.

“For three years CABE Space has supported the Landscape Institute’s campaign to recruit the next generation of landscape architects. I want to be a landscape architect has had a major impact on the numbers of young people choosing to study landscape architecture; the legacy of this work and the projects that it has funded will be appreciated for many years.”

But Watkins stressed that design review must remain at the forefront of the new organisation’s agenda.

“It is essential that the new body continues to lead on design review, enabling and in the advocacy of high standards in the planning, design and management of open space,” he said. “The LI is committed to supporting the work of the new body.”


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