Mine layers of city data via overlays on Google Maps

Example of SmartSpaceAnalyser tool in use over Singapore

BuroHappold Engineering and tech entrepreneurs Flux have jointly launched an app that can extract city data via overlays on Google Maps.

The SmartSpaceAnalyser is a drag-and-draw interface on top of Google Maps to drop target points and receive visual data on aspects of the site such as connectivity and visibility, and tap into live data streams. Data can then be analysed and exported to a 3D modelling system.

The app is currently in its beta testing phase; future extensions will allow modelling of environmental and economic impacts.

Shrikant Sharma, SmartSpace director at BuroHappold, said, ‘Realtime analysis and simulation tools will go a long way in transforming how we design and operate the buildings and cities of the future, and this collaboration with flux.io is a major step in that direction.’

For more information and to download the beta version for free, visit www.burohappold.com.


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