LI members to speak at planting scheme symposium.

Bulbs not bollards

This one day symposium on the use of planting in public spaces to be held on 1 November will feature several prominent speakers, including the LI’s Jane Knight.

Jane Knight has been a landscape architect at the Eden Project since 2002 and is currently a member of the LI’s policy committee. She will cover the topic of bulb planting at Eden. In autumn 2004, a million bulbs were planted at the Eden Project to launch ‘Bulbmania’, which would see the landscape coloured with tulips and local daffodils. This has meant a more subtle and sustainable approach, as well as diversifying to include community planting events and the Big Bulb Plant.

Matthew Wilson, The Landscape Agency’s associate director of design designs landscape and garden schemes for private and corporate clients, including the National Trust, English Heritage, the RHS and Royal Parks. He will talk about using large-scale bulb plantings to create impact in different settings, from naturalistic woodland plantings to highly designed ornamental borders, considering how best to create planting succession with bulbs as a key component to provide balance in a scheme.

Dr. Noel Kingsbury, a leading innovator in horticulture and landscape, will present an overview of the ecology of bulbs. Understanding how these plants function in the wild and crucially, where they are from, plays an important part in knowing how and where to use them in sustainable design practice. He will also look more widely at the use of perennials in sustainable long-term public plantings.

Richard Bisgrove, founder and now retired director of Britain’s first Landscape Management degree, will talk about the suitability of combinations of bulbs and herbaceous perennials’ for the larger scale public landscape.

The event will be on Monday 1 November from 10am–5pm at the Garden Museum.

To book, visit: the event page or call 020 7401 8865.


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