The input and collaboration of the landscape profession will help the British Standards Institution (BSI) create and update a range of new standards that deliver healthy, sustainable, biodiverse landscapes

Planting at Eastcote Town Centre Rain Gardens, finalist for the 2020 LI Excellence in Flood and Water Management Award. Image: Sookyoung Im

BSI are developing a range of tools and guidance to help create sustainable green spaces.

Following the standard for green roofs (BS 8616:2019: Specification for performance parameters and test methods for green roof substrates), BSI are reviewing the subsoil specification (BS 8601:2013 Specification for subsoil and requirements for use) to incorporate SuDS and carbon sequestration elements. It is hoped these changes will allow the landscape to function as a SuDS feature in the storage and transmission of drainage, and in providing a location for stable forms of carbon, such as biochar.

BSI are also inviting public comment on a proposal to create a standard for growing media for street trees. This is in response to increased demand for trees in our built-up spaces, and in recognition of the fundamental role that growing media plays in giving sustainable street trees a long and healthy life. BSI will consider technical developments in the connection of SuDS in the irrigation of street trees, as well as the support of paving etc. in structural soils.

These standards generally recognise the demand for healthy, biodiverse landscapes and the ecosystem functions they provide. But this requires the engagement, feedback and input of the landscape profession. We hope that this work will be a catalyst for greater engagement between the standards’ users and their producers as we rise to the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Comment on Specification for tree and structural soils and requirements for use by Sunday 13 June.


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