Recent highlights from the British Standards Institute (BSI) catalogue selected by the LI’s professional standards team

The LI’s professional standards team has recently reviewed some 2,500 recent additions to the British Standards Institution (BSI) standards catalogue¬†and highlighted new titles that may be of interest to members.

The UK’s national standards body, BSI produces technical standards for a range of products and services. It also publishes and adapts international standards for UK professionals.

Recent noteworthy additions to the catalogue include frameworks and guidance for environmental management and heritage conservation; specifications for masonry and timber materials and – in keeping with the increasing importance of landscape in public health – outdoors sports surfaces; and visual-manual practice guidance for describing and identifying soils.

BS ISO 14055-1:2017
Good practices framework for environmental management: combatting land degradation and desertification

BS EN 16853:2017
Conservation of cultural heritage: decision making, planning and implementation

BS EN 15330-2:2017
Specifications for primarily outdoor sports surfaces (needle-punched and synthetic turf)

PD ISO/TR 15801:2017
Electronic document management: recommendations for trustworthiness and reliability

ASTM D2488 – 17
Practice for soil description and identification (visual-manual procedures)

ASTM D4258 – 05(2017)
Practice for surface-cleaning concrete for coating

ASTM D25 – 12(2017)
Specifications for round timber piles

ASTM C216 – 17a
Specifications for facing brick (solid clay or shale)

ASTM D448 – 12(2017)
Classification for sizes of aggregate for road and bridge construction


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