The Weybridge and Singapore offices of Broadway Malyan are set to collaborate on a new National Heart Centre.

Broadway Malyan's design for Singapore's National Heart Centre
Broadway Malyan's design for Singapore's National Heart Centre

Landscape is central to the design of the project. A network of internal and external open spaces has the dual function of connecting the building with the urban fabric of Singapore and contributing to the healing process.

Influenced by the medicinal courtyard gardens of the Middle Ages, these open spaces are intended to aid convalescence by providing natural light, ventilation and conducive views. The planting within them will be chosen to mitigate the urban heat island effect, filter air pollution and act as a carbon sponge.

The large number of internal open spaces will also encourage movement through the building, creating heightened opportunities for social interaction, improving operational efficiency for staff and mitigating visitor and patient anxiety by providing clear routes through the Centre.

The new building will adopt various green technologies and innovations to achieve better performance in energy efficiency and water usage, and will be constructed using recycled and reusable

Work is due to begin on the centre in September 2009, subject to planning approval, with completion expected in Spring 2012.


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