British Science Festival

British Science Festival

The British Science Festival gets underway from 14–17 September 2010 at Aston University in Birmingham.

This six-day festival will feature more than 250 events, including debates, lectures, plays, films, hands-on science experiments and even a pub quiz on robots. This annual science, technology and engineering festival, one of Europe’s largest, is suitable for everyone from children to practitioners.

LI member Francis Hesketh from environmental consultancy TEP will be taking part in the panel debate on ‘Landscapes of the Future’ on 14 September from 10–12pm.

The sesssion will ask: what will our countryside, towns and cities look like in 2050? As the climate changes and the population grows, how can we feed, clothe and support the multitude of people on the planet without damaging our natural resources? The debate will explore what landscapes of the future may look like and the innovative ways we might interact with them.

For more information, visit the British Science Association website 


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