BRE to defend stance on native plants at nursery event

Nigel Dunnett
Nigel Dunnett

McCarrick will defend the presumption in favour of native plants, criticised by much of the profession and by fellow speaker Nigel Dunnett (pictured). Dunnett, a professor at the University of Sheffield and responsible for much of the planting at the Olympic Park, will give a talk entitled ‘Beauty and Biodiversity: why using non-native species increases the ecological value of our designed landscapes’. Mc Carrick will counter this with ‘Native plants and their importance for BREEAM & Biodiversity’.

The event will take place on Wednesday 25 September. Other speakers will be Tony Kirkham from Kew, talking about selecting trees for climate change, organic gardener Kate Bradbury, environmentalist Chris Baines, and Helen Bostock and Andy Salisbury from RHS Wisley who will talk about their ‘Plants for Bugs’ research.

You can register for the event here.


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