Bradford City Park comes to life

Bradford City Park comes to life

The columns, which have been designed to look like stylised reeds and rushes, sit at the edge of a 4,200 sq m mirror pool – the largest water feature in the UK and the centrepiece of a new six-acre park that lies at the heart of the city.

Buttress said: “The lighting columns will serve a practical purpose within the City Park but hopefully do so in a quiet and elegant way. I’ve tried to reflect the discreet nature of reeds and rushes sitting at the water’s edge in the design and choice of materials.”

Each column features up to seven lighting units which will illuminate the mirror pool and causeways around the water’s edge. Four of them will feature laser lighting equipment, and four will feature motion sensor cameras which will be used as part of a large scale digital public artwork being created by Usman Hague. The final stage of their installation, involving polishing and filling of the stone pieces, has begun, and workers are close to laying the last of over 277,000 granite cubes at the base of the pool. The columns are expected to be completed by the end of October.

Bradford City Park is designed to be an adaptable public space for rest and relaxation, with 100 fountains, green spaces and soft landscaping. The innovative central mirror-pool can also be drained for concerts, markets and events for anything up to 10,000 people.

UK-born artist Wolfgang Buttress has created public realm artworks in the UK, Europe, Australia, Japan and the USA, and has collaborated with Gillespies, Conran and Partners, LDA and Tadao Ando. His public works in the UK include the emblematic ‘wings’ and ‘halo’ in the Angel Islington, London, and ‘Rise’ – Belfast’s biggest public art commission that stands at one of the main gateways to the city. In 2008, his ‘Silica’ spire sculpture for the main shopping area of Weston-super-Mare was recognised with a Civic Trust Award, and in 2008 he was awarded again for his work on the Stamford Gateway Project.


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