September event looks at plant allergies and informed planting

Book now for Palmstead soft landscape workshop

The annual Palmstead soft-landscape workshop will be held on 21 September with the theme: 'What have plants ever done for us?'

The workshop will look at which plants enhance human health, how, and which risk making people ill through hay fever, eczema or other allergies. 

Speakers will include landscape and garden designer Jinny Blom, a board member of the Therapeutic Landscapes Network; botanist and curator of the Natural History Museum Dr Mark Spencer; urban greening specialist Anne Jaluzot; RHS research fellow Dr Tijana Blanusa; garden designer Jackie Herald; and Shenagh Hume from Allergy UK. 

Palmstead marketing manager Nick Coslett said: 'Managing plant choices for health and well-being and putting this at the very top of the agenda during the design stage is becoming increasingly important to the garden-design industry.  When one in five people in the UK suffers from hay fever, that's a lot of people being made to feel unwell, and as an industry we owe it to our clients to look closely at sensible plant selection. Plants can make us all better and we need to make informed choices to achieve right plant right place.'

The all-day workshop will be held on 21 September, 9am-4pm, at Ashford International Hotel, Kent. Tickets cost £36. Book here 


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