Tickets on sale now for December keynote seminar

Belfast event assesses Northern Ireland planning reform
Belfast event assesses Northern Ireland planning reform

Tickets are now available for December’s Policy Forum for Northern Ireland keynote seminar Planning reform in Northern Ireland: Progress, Priorities and Next Steps, to be held on 1 December in central Belfast.

The keynote address will be given by a senior speaker from the Department of the Environment, with other participants including: Professor Jim Kitchen, director, Sustainable NI; Gavan Rafferty, lecturer in Spatial Planning and Development, Built Environment Research Institute, Ulster University; Ian McCrea, Committee for the Environment, Northern Ireland Assembly; Ian Milne, Committee for the Environment, Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development, Northern Ireland Assembly; and representatives from local government, legal and planning bodies.

The event comes eight months after the transfer of planning powers to local councils as part of Local Government Reform, providing a chance to assess effectiveness so far and discuss priorities for the future.

Tickets cost £210 plus VAT.


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