LI launches scheme to encourage new entrants

Become an Ambassador for Landscape
The LI Ambassador for Landscape scheme is an exciting opportunity for Landscape Institute members to inspire the next generation of landscape architects, and to demonstrate the creative and rewarding career options open to them. This is a really exciting time to be part of the landscape architecture profession, with high employment rates and a wide range of roles available, the career path is a very practical option. The LI-accredited university courses need more students to ensure a good supply of future professionals.‘Landscape architecture is a very easy thing to make interesting and engaging,’ says Amanda McDermott, a member of the LI’s advisory panel and a Sheffield University alumnus who has carried out a number of schools visits, ‘particularly with the aid of the LI’s new Be A Landscape Architect website, the PowerPoint template for members to use, and hand-outs. It has been especially rewarding to know that one student, out of the 100 or so I have spoken with so far, has gone on to study at Sheffield. Not a bad rate of return over three years; imagine if all of the 5000+ LI members were to encourage an extra recruit to an accredited course. In just a few years’ time we could have doubled the numbers of the profession.’
 The purpose of the Ambassador for Landscape initiative is for LI members to engage with school and college students to:
• Raise the profile of landscape architecture as a profession that makes a real difference to local and national places and environments
• Engage with school students, so that those with an interest in the built and natural environment, and art and design are aware of the profession as a possible career choice
• Promote the study of LI-accredited courses at university


Roles include:

• Going into a school to give a short careers talk about the profession, using the LI resources provided
• Conducting a workshop across a few lessons to help students analyse their school playground and have the opportunity to create a new design for it
• Inviting a group of students into your registered practice to see hands on what it is like to be a landscape architect

Ambassadors for Landscape will be supported by the LI, through printed resources, forums to share top tips and advice over the phone. Ambassadors can download our PowerPoint presentation and lesson plans, and request brochures and flyers to take into schools.

Further details of the Ambassador scheme can be found on our website.

If you would like to become an Ambassador for Landscape please email the LI’s education development officer, Poppy Smith, or call 020 7685 2656.


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