With the latest issue of Landscape on press as we write, here’s a sneak peek of what to expect

Landscape Journal Autumn editiion

Our cover feature this issue looks at the increasing popularity of community growing and city farms, and asks what it would take to make urban agriculture an integral part of the future urban landscape.

The coalition government’s dismantling of the planning system and establishment of Local Enterprise Partnerships leaves unanswered questions as to where strategic planning at the ‘larger-than-local’ level will come from. In the second of our lead features, we explore the challenges and opportunities for the landscape profession in this rapidly changing political sphere.

The future of water management comes under scrutiny in our new technical section as Richard Copas, CABE advisor and part of the National Environmental Assessment Service of the Environment Agency, asks: is it time for landscape architects in the UK to take greater ownership of the design and planning of water infrastructure?

Elsewhere in the issue, we speak to Professor Thomas Elmqvist at the Resilience Centre in Stockholm about the Urban Network – a project to explore how uncertainty and ecosystem services can be integrated into urban planning.


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