Local authorities and developers are being given greater certainty on the robustness of different green infrastructure (GI) tools says Natural England

Assessing the value of green infrastructure tools

The report examines a range of global tools and methods available for assessing the value of green infrastructure in terms of the ecosystem services and benefits provided and the financial costs and benefits gained.

Compiled  by consultants Eftec and Cascade, it focuses on ‘value transfer tools’ which can be used to estimate financial values for green infrastructure projects, such as street trees, green walls and roofs and rivers and canals.

It is particularly useful for local authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships and third sector landscape organisations, says Natural England, as it looks at the scientific and economic analysis of the tools and whether they are applicable in the UK.

Tim Sunderland, Natural England’s principal economist, says there were a large number of projects that aimed to quantify the economic, social or environmental value of Green Infrastructure, which had resulted in a number of very useful tools for assessing the value of GI in terms of the ecosystem services and financial benefits.

‘This report is really useful in terms of drawing together and reviewing the micro-economic GI valuation tools and methods available and looking at the best systems currently available,’ he adds.


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