Miami landscape architects devise non-intrusive border

Domo's proposed US–Mexican border meets the sea. All images © Domo Architecture + Design

Miami-based Domo Architecture + Design has come up with timely proposals for a sustainable natural border that could provide an alternative to Donald Trump’s infamous wall between the USA and Mexico.

The hypothetical idea minimises visual obstructions by working with the natural landscape, and reuses roughly 750,000 surplus shipping containers, sinking them into the ground in a sloping trench and creating new landscapes. It would run the full 1,989 miles of the border. As this is a conceptual exercise, costs have not been calculated, but the practice is confident it would be cheaper than a man-made concrete wall, as well as more aesthetically pleasing.

In a statement, practice principles Francisco Llado and Robert Moehring said: ‘Inspired by natural border conditions, we recognise the design potential opportunity for a more balanced and positive approach.

‘By removing the idea of a wall or a fence, we remove the negative social, cultural, and physical connotations associated with visual and physical barriers. As stewards of the land, our proposal is sustainable, and aims to blend into nature while maintaining functionality.’

Visit for a PDF containing computer-generated images and drawings of the design.


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