Event was held in Greenwich on 16 October

AGM welcomes Annual Review

The President of the Landscape Institute, speaking at the organisation’s AGM on 16 October, welcomed the publication of the Annual Review which provides members with an impressive summary of the many significant developments achieved in the last year.

The AGM approved the audited accounts, Trustees’ Report, re-appointment of the auditors and debated two motions concerning the level of funding for branches and the location of the head office.

The first motion was defeated with 118 votes for, 119 votes against and 6 abstentions. Funding for branches will therefore continue to be allocated in the fair, transparent and strategic way that the Board has established, through the Branch Funding Working Group, and the intention of the Board is to continue increasing funding levels for Branches in an effective way.

The second motion passed with 126 votes for, 113 votes against and 4 abstentions. The Board will now establish a working group to consider all aspects associated with the possible future location of the head office.

Read the full annual review.


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