Explore the capital with landscape experts on LI organised walks

Accompanied walks reveal London landscape

The Landscape Institute has organised a series of walks to take place in London on Wednesday and Thursday evenings throughout June.

Associated with the London Festival of Architecture and the Public London exhibition, the walks will be in areas ranging from the Olympic Park and the Strand to Woolwich and Clapham. 

All will be led by landscape experts, and will address the theme of this year's London Festival of Architecture, 'Work in Progress'.

The programme comprises: 

Hampstead Heath: preventing flooding in London
Thursday 11 June from 18:00 to 19:30 
This walk will explore the history of the site as well as the role of the ponds in providing water for London and the way in which they were created.  It will look at the current plan for flood risk avoidance and the choices to be made in making the Heath safe for the next fifty years. Book here.

The beauty and history of paving, railings, trees, the Thames and other landscape things: an urban landscape walk through Southwark
Thursday 11 June from 18:00 to 20:00 
This walk will look at the many and beautiful (and not-quite-so-lovely) paving materials that are present in the streets and open spaces of this historic part of London, including York stone and cobbled courtyards, Victorian kerbs, and 20th century concrete paving materials, through to modern applications of porous gravels and precision-cut natural granites and other stones. Walkers will also look at railings, bollards, and other street furniture, and their role in the landscape of the city. Book here.

A Walk in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park: function and beauty in landscape
Thursday 11 June from 18:30 to 20:30
This walk is an opportunity to tour the new Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, looking at the way in which the site has been influenced by the River Lea, the River Lea navigation and the other canals. Find out how  the river and canals were moved, deculverted and managed to make the site what it is and the key role that sustainable drainage played in designing and protecting the site. This walk is led by Phil Askew, project sponsor parklands and public realm. Book here.

A wander along the Strand
Wednesday 17 June from 18:30 to 20:30
Exploring the edge of the River Thames from Trafalgar Square eastwards, the walk traces some of the grand houses and other sites that lined the river. Book here.

Clapham Old Town and Venn Street – developing new street design typologies
Thursday 18 June from 18:30 to 20:30
This two hour meander around Clapham’s Old Town will look at an (award winning) public realm refurbishment project that redesigned a neighbourhood’s streets to deliver safe with social spaces with pedestrian and cycling priorities that use the principles of shared space and naked streets. Book here.

A walk through ‘throwntogetherness’ in Woolwich: stories of migration and changing local places
Thursday, 18 June from 18:30 to 20:30
This walk explores issues of changing populations and changing places, and how the dynamics of international migration impact locally on social patterns in public places. It will link two key typologies of outdoor space, the park and the square, and examine how the civic nature of these places is expressed and experienced by communal identities shaped by ethnicity, gender, age and class. The walk will take in Gordon Square (Gustafson Porter, 2008) and Plumstead Common. It will be led by Jasber Singh (Greenwich Inclusion Project) and Clare Rishbeth (lecturer in landscape architecture, University of Sheffield) who are collaborating on a research project in Woolwich exploring the social dynamics of benches, and the problems and pleasures of hanging around outside. Book here.

Everywhere a Sign
Thursday, 18 June and Thursday 25 June from 18:30 to 20:30
This Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia walk looks at how the urban landscape has evolved to provide cues to human behaviour to improve (or curtail) our freedoms in the city and to facilitate (or hinder) the construction of civil society and the public realm. From signage to segregation, to rules and manners, what are the limits to how much urban landscapes can empower us, and where must our individual responsibilities be understood and employed? What does this mean to designers and to policy makers? Book here for 18 June and here for 25 June.

The Thames Path – Battersea to Lambeth Bridge: The Nine Realms
Wednesday 24 June from 19:00 to 20:30
The Thames riverfront within Nine Elms, stretching from Battersea to Lambeth Bridge, provides the context for one of London’s emerging pieces of public realm. Working for Nine Elms on the South Bank Churchman Landscape Architects, together with Studio Weave, are planning a riverfront path and series of spaces which will embrace meanwhile, temporary and permanent landscape installations. Book here.

Learn more about these and other events on the LI events page


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