Norway’s new mountain attraction

Trollstigen Mountain
A view from above

Cutting through western Norway’s Trollstigen Mountain Plateau, the new tourist route designed by Reiulf Ramstad Architects leads to breathtaking viewing platforms high in the Norwegian mountains. Footpaths cross over rivers and lead to stunning lookout points created from concrete, steel and glass.

A place of outstanding natural beauty, the Trollstigen Mountain sits within a dramatic pass between the deep fjords that characterize the region. The architecture defers entirely to the landscape respecting the natural environment and enhancing the plateau.

The site, which recently opened, is only accessible in the summer months due to the severity of the weather conditions. The remote location of the project has dictated the design of an entire visitor centre complete with a mountain lodge, restaurant, pavilions and platforms. All elements are moulded into the landscape to make the visitor’s experience as intimate as possible.


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