A meeting of minds

he 2009 ELASA meeting took place in Balaton, Hungary

The event, which precedes the main ELASA event this summer in Latvia, invites students from across Europe to engage in a series of workshops, lectures and visits. Focused on a specific landscape theme each year, it attracts a host of guest speakers and provides a great forum for students to work and socialise with each other. The theme of the meeting, ‘Back to Basics’, will challenge participants to return to the skills, processes and tools at the core of the landscape architecture profession.

The meetings, like the organisation as a whole, function purely on the enthusiasm and motivation of its members. Each year, they decide which country will hold it next. For the past few years, this honour has been reserved for Central and Eastern Europe (it was held in Romania in 2009, and in Hungary and Austria before that) but this year it is the UK’s turn.

Rowan Longhurst has been involved with the ELASA for several years and, along with a student from Edinburgh University, volunteered to host the event, which runs from 15-19 April.

“The event provides a great platform for sharing information and discussing the prevalent issues affecting our profession,” said Rowan. “We’re really excited to demonstrate to participants how landscape architecture in the UK is responding to a range of challenges, and how we as the profession’s future practitioners must bring landscape architecture to the forefront of decision making.”



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