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Welsh coastline
A Living Wales: what does it mean?

The Landscape Institute is asking members for advice and case studies to inform the development of a National Environment Framework for Wales.

In January this year the Welsh Assembly Government announced that they would be developing this framework to complement the Environment Strategy for Wales which stresses: “the value of the environment for its intrinsic worth and as central to quality of life, well-being and economy”.

The proposed Natural Environment Framework concentrates on managing the environment as a whole rather than focusing on separate parts.  It will have a stronger emphasis on sustainable land and marine management in Wales based on the ecosystem approach.  The framework will also address climate change, pressures on the environment, and putting into action existing international legislation including the European Landscape Convention.  There is also consideration for restructuring the activities of the Welsh Environment Agency, the Countryside Council for Wales and the Welsh Forestry Commission.

The LI will be responding to: “A Living Wales – a framework for our environment, our countryside and our sea,” by inviting members to comment on this consultation document and share examples of projects in Wales which demonstrate an ecosystem approach, including examples of regeneration and green infrastructure. The LI will be contacting interested members over the next few weeks to discuss the questions raised in more detail.

LI members who are interested in commenting on this paper or who would like to submit examples of supporting projects in Wales should contact the Landscape Institute by 19 November 2010.

Read the WAG consultation document


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