The Hayward Gallery is hosting a unique experiment this summer, the Wide Open School, billed as ‘a brilliant and bonkers take on modern-day learning’

A labyrinth of learning

A brilliant and bonkers take on modern-day learning, the Wide Open School project at London’s Hayward Gallery is running from 11 June until 11 July 2012.

A programme of classes devised and delivered by more than 100 artists from 40 different countries, incorporates ideas as wide ranging as the artists imaginations will permit and brings them to life in the form of workshops, lectures and performances.

Not an exhibition but more an experiment in engagement, the ‘school’ is open to everyone and enrolment in the different classes is on a first come, first served basis. The project aims to “create an energetic atmosphere for formulating and exchanging ideas.”

The classes are divided into departments, ranging from 21st-century survival skills, sound, movement and performance, invisibility and nothingness, production and distribution, sciences and maths, history and inhumanities, geographies and public life, home economics, and straight talking.

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