An international standard-setting convention on landscape is being considered by UNESCO and you can help to make the plan reality

A global landscape convention

A new global convention is being considered which could help protect the quality of landscapes threatened by the growing need for energy, urbanisation and industrialisation.

LI members are being asked to raise awareness and widen support for an international landscape convention, which will be considered by UNESCO in May.

It has the potential to bring benefits to communities across the world by encouraging a more holistic approach to the physical environment.

An IFLA task force was set up to look at whether an international standard-setting convention would be desirable and will present its report to UNESCO at the May meeting.

You can help
LI members have been contacted and asked to help by briefing government officials and increasing support for the plan among fellow professionals and organisations including multinational stakeholders.

Quality of the environment is vital to every society and an international convention would be useful in getting authorities to look at spaces as a whole.

Currently governance of landscape is fragmented but a global convention would encourage work across traditional institutional and geographical boundaries.

It would also allow good practice to be shared easily, and give a renewed focus on the relationship that people have with their environment.

A European Landscape Convention (ELC) is already in existence, which aims to promote the protection and management of landscapes, while giving an overarching approach to the subject.

Last month an alliance of 60 individuals and organisations, including LI, signed an open letter to the UK and devolved governments urging them to renew their commitment to the ELC.


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