A cutting-edge house in the country

A cutting-edge house in the country

A modern twist on rural living has been given the go-ahead after an ambitious nature-inspired building design was granted approval.

Jerry Tate Architects (JTA) has received planning permission for a 550m² home on a Greenfield site in Suffolk. Jerry Tate was one of Grimshaw’s principal designers on the Eden Centre before he set up JTA seven years ago and is known for bringing architecture and nature together.

The flowing form of the country house is inspired by the shape and structure of a sycamore seed. The house will link physically with the proposed parkland to make them dependent on each other, creating a new sustainable paradigm for remote contemporary rural dwellings.

Designed in collaboration with landscape architect Luke Greysmith, the landscape uses the principles of permaculture. This is a method for designing ecosystems that, alongside the proposed residential development, will enhance the ecology of the site. These combined strategies will allow the house to be self-sufficient for energy, water and food.
The building and landscape design have been integrated in both a formal and functional manner, using the principles of biomimicry to develop a home that works with nature and the ‘found’ environment of the site.

The Design and Conservation Officer said of the proposal: “The district’s tradition of vernacular housing is being continued but using a new language…the 21st century should have its own form of architectural expression.”


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