A British Standard for nursery trees

A British Standard for nursery trees

The proposed new standard, entitled Young Trees: From The Nursery Through To Independence In The Landscape: A Continuous Process, began as an initiative suggested by Keith Sacre of Barcham Trees, who has expressed concerns about the number of young trees that never reach maturity.

Indeed, the government’s Trees in Towns II report, published in February 2008, indicated a 25% average loss rate for young trees planted out in the landscape – and this at a time when the importance of trees in the urban environment is being extensively promoted.

The proposal recognises that existing standards covering tree specification and transplanting are fragmented and partial, and in need of revision. The aim is to establish a guide to best practice which recognises the transplanting of young trees from the nursery into the landscape as a continuous process rather than a series of unrelated operations – which is how current British Standards and other guidelines and recommendations represent it.

The British Standards Institute is currently considering the new standard, which would be particularly relevant for tree nurseries, local authority tree officers, landscape contractors, landscape architects, arboricultural consultants, landscape designers and any other professionals involved in the process of transplanting young trees from the nursery into the landscape.


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