London event aimed at all who care about the country’s parks and green spaces

Seminar explores wider implications of green infrastructure

A Green Infrastructure Partnership seminar, on the independent Natural Capital Committee’s third report ‘A Breakthrough in Green Infrastructure?’ will take place on Wednesday 25 March at Arup’s Fitzroy Street offices in central London.

Supported by Arup, the seminar is aimed at ‘anyone who cares about the country’s parks, green spaces, and wider networks of green infrastructure including: local authority councillors and officers; landscape architects; academics; policy-makers; third sector organisations managing green spaces; planners; ecologists; local nature partnerships; and local economic partnerships’.

The NCC published its third – and possibly final – report, The State of Natural Capital in January. This sets out ‘the vital importance of the natural assets on which our lives and prosperity depend’.

The report makes a strong economic and social case for the importance of green infrastructure (GI) – such as green spaces, parks, green roofs, and sustainable drainage systems – to the future success of the country. Among other things, it recommends the use of a ‘natural capital accounting’ system to ensure that the value of natural assets is fully reflected on company balance sheets, so that these assets are monitored and maintained, rather than taken for granted and depleted.

The NCC’s term has been extended until the early autumn of 2015 so that it can report to the new

If its recommendations are accepted, the NCC says, the way that our green infrastructure is understood, managed, and funded could start to change dramatically. ‘This timely seminar provides an opportunity for anyone interested in green infrastructure to: hear first-hand about the NCC’s report; learn about ‘natural capital accounting’; and understand the implications of the NCC’s recommendations in terms of green infrastructure.

For more information visit the Green Infrastructure Partnership’s website.


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