Members will have their say later in the summer on the LI’s governance review, helping to shape us into a more progressive, inclusive and democratic professional body

Connswater Community Greenway, Belfast. Image © Chris Hill Photographic
The Landscape Institute (LI) is updating and modernising our governance.

Years in the making, this crucial evolution will help us become a more progressive, inclusive and democratic professional body. Changes to our governance structure will make the LI fit for the future: clarifying flexibility and decision-making for our committees and working groups, and empowering LI members to become more involved at all levels.

The LI Board of Trustees has led this process, with the input of a number of members, our College of Fellows and our existing committees to help shape proposals. These proposals will soon be available for member consultation.

This consultation – expected to launch by September – is your chance to shape the Institute of the future. While we’ve already run a number of workshops, briefings and other sessions with a range of members, this open consultation will be the chance for everyone to voice their opinion.

Key aspects of this review include:

  • The future composition of LI Advisory Council
  • The future composition of the LI Board of Trustees
  • What standing committees and advisory forums we need in the future
  • Clarity around decision making

How this works is up to you – we have not yet made any decisions on these matters. The Board will review the results of the consultation before finalising the proposals, which will go to member vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) later this year.

We aim to create a more efficient, flexible and organisation that supports greater member engagement, while reinforcing our commitment to the principles of our Royal Charter. Key achievements so far on our journey to modernisation include:

  • Extensive member engagement
  • The extension of voting rights
  • Digital voting
  • An annual cycle of Advisory Council meetings put in place to better support Board decision making
  • The shifting of LI Board meetings to a quarterly cycle
  • The mapping of current decision making with a RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) Matrix

For any questions or comments about this work, please contact


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