LI President Merrick Denton-Thompson congratulates and welcomes 70 new Chartered Members of the Landscape Institute (CMLIs).

The Landscape Institute is delighted to offer its congratulations to and welcome 70 newly Chartered members.

November saw four days of exams in London and Manchester, during which panels of experienced Chartership examiners (who themselves are Chartered members and Fellows of the Landscape Institute) individually assessed candidates. The interview-style examinations lasted between 45 and 60 minutes. During the examinations, candidates demonstrated how their professional experience and knowledge of landscape practice met the standard for Chartered membership.

The pass rate for November was 80%. Merrick Denton-Thompson, President of the Landscape Institute, said that this was part of an ‘encouraging trend’.

‘The pass rates for our Chartership exam sessions are consistently high’, he said. ‘We are particularly pleased to see that 74% of those who passed are employed by LI Registered Practices. And we are also pleased to see that six of our new Chartered members work for the public sector.’

Here is the full list of successful candidates, their employers, and their mentors. (* indicates an LI Registered Practice.)

  • Maya Abdul-Latif, AECOM* (mentor: Neil White)
  • Ana Abram, Gustafson Porter* (mentor: Eduardo Carranza)
  • Lulu Almana, AECOM* (mentor: Orlando Baptista)
  • Imran Ashiq, Proscape (mentor: Nigel Thorne)
  • Keith Baker, The Terra Firma Consultancy* (mentor: Alison Galbraith)
  • Richard Brown, Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (mentor: Tony Harris)
  • Matthew Cairns, Broadway Malyan* (mentor: Allan Cox)
  • Neil Campbell, AECOM* (mentor: Paul Murray)
  • Michelle Catlow, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council (mentor: Robin Copeland)
  • Wen-Chih Chao, Macgregor Smith Landscape Architecture* (mentor: Justin Thomson)
  • Joseph Clancy, Bradley Murphy Design* (mentor: Eloise McGregor)
  • Patrick Clark, Barton Willmore* (mentor: Richard Hammond)
  • Ryan Coghlan, Townshend Landscape Architects* (mentor: Martha Alker)
  • Enda Coughlan, LDA Design* (mentor: Ruth Knight)
  • Anne Dally, ACD Environmental* (mentor: Helen Selwyn)
  • Marie Davis, Ian White Associates* (mentor: John Farquhar)
  • Elizabeth Duberley, Herefordshire Council (mentor: Peter Quinn)
  • William Dutch, JBA Consultancy Services* (mentor: Catherine Xavier)
  • Jenny Elliott, HERE + NOW (mentor: Liz Thomas)
  • Mark Evans, LDA Design* (mentor: Kirstin Taylor)
  • Lisa Finch, Lisa Finch Landscapes (mentor: Dawn Purves)
  • Robyn Friesner, Pegasus Planning Group* (mentor: Teresa Hazelwood)
  • Alexandra Gardiner, Energised Environments (mentor: Andy Follis)
  • Tom Green, Hyland Edgar Driver* (mentor: Arthur Gelling)
  • Nicola Greenwood, Axis* (mentor: Alex Radley)
  • Daniel Haigh, ADAS UK (mentor: Marion Frandsen)
  • Rui He Hyland, Edgar Driver* (mentor: Dafydd Coe)
  • Zebulon Hoffman, Indigo Landscape Architects* (mentor: Mark Gibbins)
  • Chris Hughes, Urban Wilderness* (mentor: Nathan Edwards)
  • William Johnson, The Terra Firma Consultancy* (mentor: Robyn Butcher)
  • Sanna Jonsson Buttery, Turkington Martin* (mentor: Hanna Salomonsson)
  • Kirsty Knott, rankinfraser landscape architecture* (mentor: Liane Bauer)
  • Eleanor Larke, Norwich City Council (mentor: Lara Hall)
  • Zsuzsanna Lieber, Lizard Landscape Design* (mentor: Philip Deacon)
  • Rowan Longhurst, Engie (mentor: Rebecca Knight)
  • Laura Mackie, Gillespies* (mentor: Simon Greig)
  • Peter McDonald, Northern Ireland Housing Executive
  • Jamie Metcalfe, Atkins* (mentor: Nick Rowson)
  • Malgorzata Mikos-Opyd, Atkins* (mentor: Rich Hammond)
  • James Morton, Aspect Landscape Planning* (mentor: Chris Jenkinson)
  • Di Murphy, Jacobs Engineering (mentor: Meaghan Kombol)
  • Jennifer Neal, Colvin and Moggridge* (mentor: Clare Paige)
  • Suzanne O’Connell, The Decorators (mentor: Ed Wall)
  • Leighton Pace, Exterior Architecture
  • James Parker, Barry Chinn Associates* (mentor: Dorian Randall)
  • Sophie Parker-Loftus, Exterior Architecture (mentor: Jonathan Miley)
  • Charlie Pierson, Hampshire County Council* (mentor: Neil Jones)
  • Robert Playford, Atkins* (mentor: Stephen Bacon)
  • Michael Samuels, FPCR* (mentor: Elizabeth Fry)
  • Deepa Satagopan, Barton Willmore* (mentor: Allan Cox)
  • Jon Seymour, ACD Landscape Architects (mentor: Helen Selwyn)
  • Maciej Skiba, AECOM* (mentor: Edward Frampton)
  • Andrew Smith, Barton Willmore* (mentor: Alex Comrie)
  • Tracy Smith, Amey (mentor: Jacquie McLeod)
  • Maria Stefanidou, BDP* (mentor: Jenny Ferguson)
  • Bethan Thomas, Barron and Smith (mentor: Adam Thomas)
  • Christina Todd, AECOM* (mentor: Edward Frampton)
  • Nick Tolley, optimised environments* (mentor: Ben Palmer)
  • Amelia Tollitt, Planit IE* (mentor: Georgina Baines)
  • Scarlett Towse, Grant Associates* (mentor: Oliver McIlvenna)
  • Naomh Turbett, Connon Design* (mentor: Robert Connon)
  • Stuart Walker, Appletons* (mentor: Cassandra Wheadon)
  • Lin Wang, Grant Associates* (mentor: Claire Hobart)
  • Laura Welborn-Baker, Smeeden Foreman* (mentor: Frances Horne)
  • Nicola Whiting, Gillespies* (mentor: Steve Mccoy)
  • Callum Whyte, Ares Landscape Architects* (mentor: Ben Handley)
  • David Wilkinson, Atkins* (mentor: Simon Ward)
  • Gavin Woolston, Barton Willmore* (mentor: Richard Hammond)
  • Ka Man (Nicole) Yip, LDA Design* (mentor: Leung Stephanie)
  • Michal Zarzecki, Chris Blandford Associates* (mentor: Ali Pulham)

The very first ‘experienced practitioner’ Chartership interviews also took place in November. This new route to Chartership, which was agreed by members at the LI EGM in June, is for individuals who have 10 or more years’ relevant experience working in a landscape-related discipline.

Merrick Denton-Thompson continued: ‘We are delighted that two out of the four candidates who took the pilot Experienced Practitioner Pathway have also been awarded Chartered status. There has been a great deal of interest in this Pathway since its announcement. We are now working to fine-tune the process, which will help us guide towards Chartership as wide and diverse a range of professionals as possible.

‘No matter the route, our candidates worked extremely hard to meet the standard required for Chartered membership. I would like to offer our new Chartered members my heartfelt congratulations. Congratulations and thanks are also due to their employers for encouraging them to work towards the highest standards of professional knowledge and practice; and to the examiners, mentors and Pathway supervisors who volunteer their time and knowledge to help us support the next generation of landscape practitioners.’


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