Pathway to Chartership

The Pathway to Chartership is an online tool enabling you to record knowledge and development against the Chartership syllabus. It is based on a system of continual assessment and active learning. With the help of a mentor, you plan, review and reflect on your learning and receive regular feedback from an LI appointed supervisor. When you can demonstrate that you have developed sufficient knowledge and understanding, and meet the requirements of Chartership, you may register for the final stage, the oral examination.

As a candidate you are expected to take ownership of your learning and seek out opportunities for development, allowing you to progress at your own pace. There is no minimum time you have to be on the Pathway for before taking the exam, and if you have considerable past experience, with a good level of knowledge and understanding of the syllabus, you may become Chartered much sooner. An average recent graduate takes 2.5 years before passing the Chartership exam.

The Chartership syllabus focuses on the needs of the workplace, and takes account of specialisation, while ensuring that everyone entering the profession gains a full and rounded understanding of what it means to be a landscape professional and the underlying concepts. It focuses not just on knowledge, but on understanding how that knowledge is applied in real-life contexts.

The Pathway to Chartership lays the foundations for CPD by helping you to develop the habits of planning, reviewing and reflection, and taking ownership of your learning – skills you will need throughout your professional career.

Full details of the Pathway to Chartership is available in the Guidebook. You can also read more about it on these pages.


Anyone who is a Licentiate member of the LI can join the Pathway to Chartership.

Registration is possible on any day of the year and there are no cut-off dates or deadlines for registration. The Pathway to Chartership is designed to help you progress in your knowledge and understanding, and the LI recommends that you join as soon as possible after completing your studies and beginning work.

Before you register, you need to:

When you are ready, go to the Pathway to Chartership website to register and begin your journey towards Chartership.


Your mentor is the main person who will support your progress towards Chartership. They will provide advice and guidance, help you to develop and explore your knowledge and understanding of the requirements of professional practice, and to learn to reflect on your work and learning.

The mentor plays a key role within your journey to Chartership, so you should consider your choice of mentor very carefully. They must be have held Chartered status with the LI for at least 18 months, and be willing to make a real commitment to supporting your development, providing open, constructive and honest feedback, and enable you to explore and build on your knowledge and experience.

It is always best to choose a mentor from your network of colleagues or contacts, as they will have a good understanding of you. Many candidates ask their manager to be their mentor, or someone else in their organisation.

The mentor will be expected to give you feedback on your progress, both informally, through regular contact, and formally, at quarterly review meetings. They will need to complete a mentor review following your quarterly review meeting, giving their formal assessment of your progress towards Chartership.

Your mentor is also responsible for notifying the supervisor when, in their view, you are ready to progress to the oral Chartership exam.

External mentors

If there is no one suitable in your organisation, or you prefer to work with someone outside your work place, that is completely fine. Try asking a Chartered member with whom you have previously worked or advertise for a mentor through your Branch. There is a Talking Landscape group of mentors willing to take on external or remote candidates, all of whom are happy to be contacted. If you are still unable to find a mentor, please contact the Pathway team at the LI, who may be able to help.

Using the online system

Please read the relevant guide for you.

Candidate user guide 2015

Mentor user guide 2015

If you have any questions after reading the guidance, please contact


The costs associated with the Pathway to Chartership are separate from membership of the LI. While you are on the Pathway to Chartership you need to retain your Licentiate membership.

All Pathway to Chartership fees are payable through the website, and are non-refundable. Pdf receipts are available online.

Registration £202.00
Annual retention £94.00
Chartership exam registration £357.00
Chartership exam deferral £75.00